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Warralong Walkabout Trip Reports

 The Warralong Walkabout was a project undertaken by the High School Class at the Warralong Campus.

Over a team, students worked together as a team to plan and prepare and then go on a three day hike. They carried all of their equipment. They travelled into Port Hedland to buy all of their food. It was a wonderful success.  Here are some trip reports that were completed by students in the high school class at at the Warralong Campus. You can see photos of the trip on our gallery page.

Stocking up for big walk by Gregsley

We went to the supermarket in early August to do shopping for our Warralong Walkabout. We went to South Hedland Coles. Warralong High School students, teachers and elders were involved. It was interesting because we had to go shopping with our friends and we had to choose the right things for our trip to Red Rock. My group had to find the Gatorade, marshmallows and cucumbers. The best part was hanging out with my mates and finding the right things together. I hope we do it again next year!

The Warralong Walkabout! by Deano

All the mob went to Red Rock on 18 th August 2013 for two nights.  We walked from Warralong to the Mulyie Creek and we camped for one night, then the next day we walked to another creek and camped there. Then we walked home.  The people who went on the walkabout included the High School Mob, Pip, Donald, Clarrie, Danny, Darrell, Nolleen, Steven, Johnny and Julie. The most interesting things we did were hunting, fishing, and telling stories. We hunted a goanna, cooked and ate him. We caught catfish, and red snapper and cooked them and ate them! Then we saw a big king brown snake! The best part was walking in the bush. Also the fishing!! We took catfish bait and we used fishing line to catch our fish!  We told stories at night time – stories about the mob, old stories and funny stories. We toasted marshmellows on a stick on the fire and ate them! This was one of the best things we did this year! If we have another walkabout I would tell EVERYONE to go!!!

The Warralong Walkabout Trip Report by Kelroy

There were lots of things I liked about the walkabout. I liked catching goanna.  It’s was nice to show people that we know about our land and look after our family and friends and take care of who we  take out in the bush. I liked fishing. I like fishing because it’s very nice and calm and look after our land and show respect. I caught some catfish and snapper. Walk out in bush was very nice and enjoying the nice time and looking at people they were very good at walking together and looking after our friends. I didn’t like wasting time and taking time with our packing and waiting for people.

We should take more food and proper torches and more fishing lines and take more people. We should take more food and go for more nights and longer days. We should have a nice trip without any heavy stuff and we should go for more nights.

We should take more head torches so we can see brightly and see everything clearly and bring more double AA batteries and back up plans. I wanted to take more people because without more people they are very nice to come on the trip so we can have more friends and family and more fun.

The walk was very exciting and very nice. We enjoyed walking catching goanna and talking telling stories and sharing food and enjoying being with friends and family looking after each other having a nice time out in the bush showing our way to new people showing people how to catch a goanna and showing people that we have been here before so that we can take them the right way and have a really nice time out in the bush. Walk for two nights and three days. It was awesome and pretty nice to see people walk having fun out in the bush.

The Walkabout  by Jody

I liked lots of things about the  Warralong   Walkabout. I like the milo and birds and laughing. I liked the milo. It’s fun  to  share, the Girls  all had milo together and put Marshmallows in and told  stories.  lt was peaceful  with no fighting. I liked cooking, I liked working in a group to cook dinne.r  The salmon  rice we made  was delicious. I liked walking, because it felt good to be outside and nice. I felt proud because I walked such a long distance. Walking together was fun. Next year I want to walk to red rock and take more snacks. I really liked it because everyone was fishing and swimming and cooking and having a good time. There was no teasing.

Walkabout by Anthalia

I like lots of thing about Warralong Walkabout. It was fun going swimming with the high school kids. The high school kids went swimming to redbank with Julie from Warralong to Redbank and from Redbank We all came back to Warralong.

I liked going shopping to town. We went shopping to town and we got lots of food for the trip. Shennielle, Yolly and I worked together. I liked the things we all did I liked when we all went shopping to Hedland I liked when we went to Redbank. I liked when we did everything all at the same time

We should go for the walk again so that everyone can come.  In the next trip all the community Members will be invited in our walk. When we go again we should go to the big red rock and the car will take our sleeping things and we will carry own things like food.  The car should take us to Mulyie River and we would walk from there to Red Rock and go hunting and fishing along the way.

I helped the kids to set up the trip but I didn’t go on the trip. I was sad that I missed out on the good fun, what they did out there at Red Rock but I was in school with the little kids. I was being a teacher for the kids I helped them in the class room and it was fun.

The Warralong Walkabout by Antoinette

The walk was fun it was my first time going to the bush with the Warralong kids and adults and learning about the bush food and more things. I made lots of good friends with everyone and thanks to Clarrie for teaching me about the place. I really liked being out in the bush.

When we got to the first creek we slept there and the next day we went fishing and swimming it was fun. The next day we walked to the next place. We walk for a long time until we got to the next spot I had the great time in my life thanks to everyone for being nice and friendly. I really like walking to Mulyie River.

I was so happy to go back home we walked for three days and slept for two nights we walked thought the bush and along the water we saw a cow with a broken leg and when we got to Mulyie I was so happy I had the best time out in the bush it was good fun. I would love to go again next year with everyone from the community.

I didn’t like walking through the Spinifex and soft sand because it was scratching my legs. I didn’t like carrying the 8 kilo backpacks because it I was getting very sore in my arms was sore.

Warralong Walkabout by Kaysha

I like lots of things about the Warralong Walkabout. I really liked going fishing and I and caught one red snapper and I caught cat fish and me and my nanna ate it. We didn’t fight over the fishing line. It was fun fishing with other people. I really liked cooking.

For the first night the boys cooked the dinner they cooked pasta with tuna it was delicious. On the next night the girls and I cooked we put the rice first and we put the salmon and tuna. It was delicious.

It was fun being out side in the bush with my teacher and my family. It was fun going fishing and swimming and I was happy. I was excited to go on the Warralong Walkabout trip. I feel proud of myself walking in the hot days, the hike was fun. On the hike everybody was helpful to each other and we didn’t fight over things.

There were some things that I didn’t like on the Warralong Walkabout trip. At first I didn’t like the idea that Clarrie and Donald made was a walk to Red Rock. Then Pip and Clarrie asked us in class if we want to go for a walk to Red Rock. We planned a shopping trip to Port Hedland and we bought food. We bought the backpacks on the internet. We bought some t-shirts in k-mart and Pip’s sister bought some special textas for the walk. We got picked up at Mulyie River Crossing. I really liked it was fun. I hope we can do it again next year.

Warralong Walkabout trip report

By Kirkasten

There were lots of things I liked about the walk, going fishing and sleeping on the sand. I like going fishing because when I went fishing I got a big catfish and I went and put it on the fire and went fishing again and I was thinking about a red snapper and when I pulled my line out it was a big red snapper

I like sleeping on the sand because the sand was soft like a pillow and cold and every morning it got colder and at night there were lots of bright stars and the moon was like the sun at night. I like being outside the class with my friends laughing and playing around swimming and fishing walking together

There were lots of things I didn’t like about the walk packing up the sleeping bag and getting up in the morning and putting on the backpack. I didn’t like packing up the sleeping bag because it was too hard and it took too long. I didn’t like getting up and putting the backpack on because it was cold and I was still sleepy

I have some ideas about what we can do next time. We can walk without the backpack and bring a small backpack or go on a car. The car could drive to where we are camping and leave things. We can walk different directions from the camp each day.

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  1. I really liked reading the trip reports.

  2. I wish I could go on the walk again. It was so good.

  3. I enjoyed walking it was fun.

  4. I really liked to walk again across the bush and also the river. It was very cool. I also liked the fishing down at the river. We also had fun down at the pools. We ate bush food at the river. I want to go on the walkabout again next year.

  5. I like to go on the walk-about it was fun. Everyone would like to go on walk again. We did some fishing on the river where we campd we had a good time. I liked swimming, fishing and cooking and making lunch and food for eveyone at the camping area.

  6. The High School class went walking to the red rock. I think it looked like fun and great. Next time I wish I could go with them too. I would like to go fishing and hunting goanna and doing some drawing outside. How was trip? I think went well I hope you that do the same trip in high school next year. Bye bye High Scool class

  7. We planned the big trip it was fun. The high school came on that trip and some big people came too. We saw lots of things on the walkabout, also we went swimming and fishing and the boys went hunting. After that we went to cook our food for the boys and girls. We went and got some wood for the fire to cook. I and wish to go back on that trip and do some shopping in Hedland.

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