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The Planets: High School class presentation and voice recording.

The high school class have been learning about Space and Astronomy this term. They have made a solar system display in the classroom and have completed many practical activities from the SciTech DIY science kits.

One project involved students making a PowerPoint presentation about a chosen planet. Students then combined the slide to make one class presentation. They worked will Paul Watts to produce an audio track to go with their presentation. Thanks for all your help Paul, we had a great time working with you!

You can view the presentation below:


  1. Hi High School class
    Have just watched your presentation about the Solar System – it is very impressive. I hope you have enjoyed learning about the planets.
    Good luck for the rest of the year.

  2. I really liked learning about space.

  3. It has been great learning about the planets and we made a space display in class.

  4. I really learnt lots about the Solar System. It was fun and I loved making the planets and the presentation. It made me learn something new.So thank-you High School class for making this presentaion hope you learn more things……….Bye bye

  5. We are learning about space in school, we learnt about the planets. I would like go out into space! It has been really good. I liked reading about space and planets and learning about space shuttles and stars and asteroids and making a powerpoint presentation about space.

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