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East Journey Visit

East Journey Visit By Kelroy

The band East Journey came to Warralong. We played music with them in the library and then we also had a concert for the community. I played the drums with the boys and the girls played the xylophones. It was amazing. The teachers, students and community members came to watch us perform and some of the Strelley Mob were there too. I really liked it they were really good at singing and dancing. They were also good at playing their guitars. They danced like broglas and it was incredible. I enjoyed having them here and telling them about our land and they told us about their connections with their land and how to respect our culture and to be strong and proud.

East Journey Visit by Dwight

The band East Journey came and visited our school and saw our class and the Warralong boys played drums with them. There were lots of community members here and we played a concert. It was interesting because the Warralong boy’s played drums with them and there were lots of people there and the girls played xylophone and after we played they danced.

The thing that I enjoyed the most was playing drums with them in front of the whole community and a few people from Strelley and Port Hedland. Thanks for coming and visiting our school we all look forward to seeing East Journey again soon

This Blog post was written by Kelroy and Dwight as part of the High School Blog Project- whereby students write for the School blog as part of their English lessons.

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  1. The band was so good when they played in Warralong and the boys from Warralong played with them and then they went to Hedland to play in there so the band is good and they are so awesome. Thanks for coming to Warralong.

  2. The band the East Journey came to Warralong. It was fun when visitors come from other places. We had some food and drinks and that day we did the film at the creek with Buzz Theatre Mob it was fun.

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